USB Formatting Using Built-In App (Rufus / Etcher)

My News Flash from yesterday was that there’s a built-in app for USB formatting that works like a dream. I’m using Mint Cinnamon. My guess is that this is available across the board on Linux OSs. Here’s where to find it. Will post a photo from my phone.
Phone upload isn’t working so here are instructions.
Insert your USB media into a USB drive on the machine that stores your desired ISO image.
This is the version of Linux that you’ve chosen for your target machine.
Click on Menu at bottom left of screen.
Go to All Applications
Scroll down until you find USB Stick Formatter
Click on USB Stick Formatter to open
When that panel opens, click on the down arrow for the field Format: and select your USB device.
In the field on the right, click FAT32
Click Format
When that’s done, click Close and go back to the Menu
Go to All Applications
Scroll down to USB Image Writer and click to open
In the field labeled Write Image, click the down arrow to locate your desired ISO file which should have been saved to your hard drive.
Click the down arrow to the right of that field to locate the USB device
Click Write
Click Close when finished.
Remove the USB
It should then be ready to use!

Super easy and works beautifully!


I have also used a FOSS program called popsicle that successfully burns ISO images to a USB stick as well.

There are lots of options with Linux!


You can also learn the mkfs commands for the USB formatting, and the dd command is my go-to for .iso files.