US mobile Phone and secure Carrier Optiona

Looking for Linux phone secure carrier alternatives?

This year is like to get off the iOS platform.

I welcome feedback from those who have switched from Google and iOS and not using main carriers like AT&T or Verizon.

Thank you and Happy New Year everyone.


been using mint almost a year now with my pixel 4xl using GrapheneOS with zero trouble … they piggyback off AT&T … was my first phone in over 15 years so i’m not a heavy phone user but Mint seemed easy to work with …

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For the last year and half I have been using Pixel 4 with Lineage 11. The Carrier is AT&T pay as you go. There haven’t been any issues like when I used my iOS. Everything in Lineage requires permission. Tracking is minimal. I can still use Waze without interference with Google. I had purchased it from I also purchased his VPN that maintains its privacy as it isn’t a commercial VPN with know sites, nor routed through China to further spy on your activities.