Upgrading and permissions

I am trying to upgrade my first Ubuntu 32 bit laptop. I have found I am working as a guest. Not good. I don’t know how to log in as admin. I think I have the original password. When I log out I only see the guest account. When I reboot it wants too install 16.04 TLS. It sees the /boot file with zero space. It is a small reserved amount I guess. Very stuck. Thanks in advance.

Hello @gonzotr and welcome to the forums!
Have you undergone the full process of installing Ubuntu first? Also, instead of using such an old version that is no longer supported, how about you install Zorin Lite 16.1? They support 32-bit computers up to 15 years old. You can find the link below:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I seem to be fighting an old install, and do a fresh one sounds really good. I will try the Zorin, what is the boot tool for USB.

If you download it from your Linux installation, then all you need is to right-click on the ISO and select “Open with Disk Image Writer.” Then, plugin your USB, select it on the drop-down list that appears and select to record. That should make it work nicely.

If you want to do this process via Windows or macOS, then I would recommend:

The Zorin Light install went perfect. Nice OS for this older unit. How can I install Brave browser?

Thanks. Now on to a newer unit to FOSS. tr

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This is great! Bravo!

Re Brave, unfortunately, it only works on 64-bit systems. You can check the Software Center for a few other browsers that it includes in there. A good and lightweight one is Epiphany and you could also install Chromium - which is a non-Google browser. I believe it should have a 32-bit version, though I haven’t checked lately.

Thanks so much. This wont be a main PC for me, just wanting to get good at FOSS. I will install chromium, or Epiphany. After what they did to the COE of Mozilla, Who now runs Brave, I am not using Firefox. Tyrant’s!

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