Upgrade HDD in Linux Mint to Get More Storage

Hi! I have a low profile laptop where I got rid of Win. and installed Linux Mint. This is the system info: Processor: Intel© Celeron© CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz × 2
Memory 3.7 Gb
Hard Drives 66 Gb
OS Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon Ver.5.2.7
Linux Kernel Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon

I want to install a bigger HDD because a message about having just a few MB left in storage, keeps popping up. I don’t want to mess it up and end up with a bigger issue, since I have never done this before. What are the steps to do this? I was thinking: backup entire disk and have a bootable USB with Linux ready to reinstall OS? But not sure of the details or what else I am missing. Any good tutorials? Thank you!

Hi! Adry, sounds like you have one of those machines they were trying to force you to rely on “the cloud” for storage … your hard drive is probably soldered permanently into the motherboard … however if you look to find the service manual on line for your model it might have way to add another separate SSD for extra storage… I have a little Lenovo like that … came with 128gb hardwired in and windoze 10 to annoy me to the point that I threw it in the bottom of the closet, where it set till I was in my linux distro discovery phase … It now has the Ubuntu 22.04 os in the original drive with a 500gb ssd added that when find the time I will try to move the “home folder” on to … Anyway more info on the make and model of your laptop would help those with the expertise on your machine to give you better info …

I think the HDD can be replaced, because on the bottom of the laptop there is a label from the manufacturer stating so, if you want to increase the storage capacity. I just need a step by step guide on how to do it. Do I need to swap the info from one disk to the other? I am thinking that may be drivers that are in that HDD that are necessary for any OS to work properly? It can’t be as easy as just putting the new HDD and then just reinstalling the OS from a bootable USB, can it?

It is a fussion5 A-90B-Pro.

well I would start here …Download Centre - Support however it seems that no extra hard drives were listed on the “extra accessories page” as upgrades don’t seem to be part of the business plan … hopefully from the download “cenre” page you might be able to view or down load a service manual/pdf file that would show how to access the location and install an additional ssd … I’m making a guess it’s a lot like what I found with my “little lenny” … Note: the screen shots that follow are of what I experienced and might not represent your

              At All .....

After I read up on the Lil’Lenny I went to the local computer store and pick up an appropriate SSD …

in the box was this … looks a lot like old fashion RAM to me … :thinking:
m-2 SATA 500gb
They just got the little gold teeth on the end …
any way as I said in the first post after I installed the extra SSD I booted up and saw that it was recognized as a second hard drive like I plugged in a jump drive … Sadly Li’Lenny has been sitting on the back burner for the last couple of months now as I have moved on to “more frustrating Linux Learning Thingy’s” … and I love it and won’t go back now … cause I burned the MS boats …

Does your fussion5 A-90B-Pro have an SD card slot? If so you could use that for storage of non-operating system items like your files, pictures, videos and etc. Moving those files to the SD card would free up hard drive space. It wouldn’t be as versatile as an installed additional ssd drive but it may work for your uses.
One fussion5 A-90B-Pro 64 that I looked at online showed an SD card slot in the front.
Otherwide @I.B.Lurkmore’s suggestion to visit the Fusion “Download Centre - Support” in post 4 above is a very good idea.

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Hello again Adry
dennis’s suggestion above is excellent …and one that never even crossed my mind, as I always tend to overthink things and reach my end goals by the hardest way possible … anyway, going back to what I had in mind for my situation, here is a link to a thread about where I was looking …Home folder on new SSD - Linux Mint Forums Might find a way to set up the SD card as “home folder”…

Thank you. No, they don’t have additional space for disks, the idea is to completely REPLACE the one that is there with higher capacity disk.

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It does. However, this laptop is the one I use exclusively for academics, I barely have any MM file in it. But I found a very good solution for now before jumping onto a HDD upgrade: removing redundant kernels. Believe it or not, that may have seem the root of the issue, because after I enabled the option in the system, I now have 14 GB more of space that I didn’t have before. So for now it works and keeps things manageable. Thanks for the suggestion though, it’s a good idea for those type of files you mentioned.

On one of my machines I keep the 3 latest installed kernels. On another I keep just the 2 latest installed kernels.
Kernels do take quite a bit of space.
I am happy you have it working as needed.