Updates Failing


I don’t thing my Linux Mint is working properly. For some reason I can’t install any updates. Everything else seems to work fine Everything I click to install updates, I get errors.

Hello @jeff942!
Can you post a screenshot of the errors you’re getting? Thank you!

Here you go. It goes all the way through installation and then I get this.

Here are more screenshots of errors

Hey, @jeff942!
The errors I see from the system feedback (thank you, by the way!) show that the issue arises when the OS tries to access the /boot area to install the Linux Boot Kernel.

Can you open up a terminal and type in the following (by pressing Enter after the end of each line):

sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean
sudo apt install -f
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

And let me know if the errors are corrected?
(Autoremove will remove old kernel installations to free space from your /boot partition and the Autoclean will delete all the downloaded packages).

Still getting errors @vasileios

Then it could be possible that your boot partition may be in need of some filesystem repairs. Boot your system from a live USB and then head to the terminal. Over there, check which drive is your first one (the internal one):


If it’s the sda (you’ll see sda spreading to sda1, sda2 etc.), then execute the following:

sudo fsck -p /dev/sda1

If it’s an sdb then you can replace the sda1 above with sdb1 and so on.

If your drive is an NVMe, then please post the output of the above lsblk command so that I know which partition to check.

I couldn’t figure it out, so I took a picture. Maybe the loop0 is causing the problem? It’s another drive I have that might be loading first?

Yes, your boot drive is indeed the sda1 - and I see it’s quite small in size. Ideally, it should be no less than 512MB (for safety and comfort reasons, if I do manual partitions, I place it around 1GB).

The command I posted before will work on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @vasileios In order for me to increase the boot drive, do I need to install setup disk and edit partition size then reinstall or is there another way?

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You’re welcome, @jeff942!
One way to try it is to install and run gparted via:

sudo apt install gparted

Then run it and select your main drive (SDA). You can begin by resizing the partitions, by starting from the SDA3 (making it about 1GB smaller) from its beginning. Then, drag the SDA2 to the right so that it touches the SDA3. Last, right click on SDA1 and select to resize it to the fullest allowed.

Then you’ll need to hit the Apply button (the green checkmark on the toolbar) and wait for it to proceeed. If it works, then you’ll end up with a 1.5GB on your boot drive.

However, before you start the above process, make sure you have all your important files backed up.