Updated issue - Sound probs and how to get signal app onto lineageOS Pixel 3


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and knows how to fix… I’m trying to degoogle a ‘pixel 3’ phone, and have been following the jeff tutorial, and also going through the LineageOS Wiki.

Its been going well, and I got to the stage where I need to 'Sideload the LineageOS.zip package etc. I selected ‘Apply from ADB’ to begin the sideload on the device, and then did the step on the linux computer, and got the message ‘success’, etc…
However, I now have hit a snag, as my device is stuck at the stage where it says “Verifying update package”…any idea on how long this will take? Or have I made an error along the way?


I think it might be to do with ‘signature verification’ failure…I’ve noticed a few blogs talking about 'disable zip signature verification in TWRP.
Thought I might try this…but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this - can’t find TWRP on the device, or is it on the computer?

Okay, I’ve got it on and working… but, wondering if anyone has had the issue of no sound for voice calls. I’m not getting any ‘incoming call’ sound, nor any sound of either person’s voice. Let me know if you’ve found a fix for this.

Also, just wondering if there is a tutorial out there about how to put signal onto lineageOS. I found something on the signal website, but it looks really confusing for me.