Update Radeon Graphics or stop being reminded

Each day when I start my Dell Inspiron 1500, 5000 series, I get a message to update my video drivers. I run the driver updater and it says I don’t need anything. Anywhere else I should look for drivers or a way to have it stop looking each day.

I’m going to guess that you probably use an NVidia graphics card, right? I periodically get the same thing with my NVidia graphics card. There are 3 different versions of Linux drivers for my particular card from NVidia, and about every other week, I wind up launching the driver manager and switching between the 3 drivers to find the one that is working that week. I did it again today. It’s maddening. I have an AMD graphics card on my wish list for my birthday in July… I hear that they are more stable in Linux than Nvidia.

Have you tried installing the drivers direct from AMD?

Looks to me like they DO HAVE linux versions, and pretty complete instructions there as well

and it looks like the file comes in a DEB file so here is some info on that if needed DEB File Extension - What is a .deb file and how do I open it?


I’ll try this over the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Looks like that didn’t work for me. I already had the same driver.

So - in looking at the msg you are getting again…maybe it is just prompting you to go into your video driver setting and set it to use HARDWARE acceleration, instead of SOFTWARE rendering (er acceleration) because it probably defaults to software since some machines do NOT even HAVE a choice for hardware option.

Just a thought since it really says CHECK rather than update

Can you point me towards hardware acceleratoin? I’m using Mint

Hey @harvlake!
There’s always the option of installing the proprietary AMD drivers. All you’ll need to do is select your device in the link below:

Once you download the AMDGPU Pro, enter the terminal and execute the installation script. From there on, it will guide you through the process and install everything to secure hardware acceleration.

However, there’s oibaf who puts out the latest Open Source AMD drivers, that work great for gaming and general applications. I’ve tested his work before and it’s really good. You can find the installation process here:

Note: The Ubuntu drivers will work for Mint.