Update Error

I am running Zorin OS16. I keep getting an error when I run Update Software. The error says it can’t load the update repertory and to check the internet connection. When I click “OK” the dialog comes up to load a new update. When I click “OK” it loads new software. I do not seem to be able to eliminate this error. Please help.

You could have done what I just did and probably have found your answer quicker. I searched for “Zorin 16 error on update software” and found the article below in their forum.

It’s a good idea to check the forums for the distro you’re using. Or just a general search for the problem, using as brief and as specific a search query as possible, to help get exactly the info you need. If you find it yourself, you won’t have to wait for somebody else to get back to you. That’s part of learning how to learn and learning how to solve problems on our own. Become self-empowered by learning how to find the info you need. Just make sure it’s applicable to your distro. That’s easier for Debian and Ubuntu distros, since Ubuntu is based on Debian.

Here’s that link: Error message about Software Updater Zorin 16 Pro - General Help - Zorin Forum.

Just trying to be helpful.

Thanks, I will check this out.

I tried it and it did not solve my problem. When I do a sudo apt-get Update I get the following error:
The repository ‘Index of /cairo-dock-team/ppa/ubuntu focal Release’ does not have a Release file.

I had loaded the cairo-dock and then removed it. That is when the error to the software update started. How do I correct this?

By the way, I am using Zorin OS 16 Core.

Never mind. I used Stacer to delete all files with “Cairo”. It killed my Linux and I had to reload Zorin. Of coarse that cleared the problem.