"unpack archive"

I’ve been on YouTube trying to install Ventoy on a USB drive. He said after unpacking the archive it appears in the command line. I haven’t the vaguest idea as to what that means. Sorry to sound like an imbecile but I’m a newbie at Linux. Thanks for the help in advance!

I am sure in time today @vasileios will offer a good solution or steps to figure that out.

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He’s always given great advice!

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Hey @laidbackradical and thank you for the tag @a_hoosier_patriot!
From what I looked, Ventoy appears to be a USB flashing utility, yes? If that is the case, you don’t really need it, especially if you’re running Linux. The OS has a built-in app that does exactly that. Flashing an ISO to a USB drive is as simple as right-clicking to the ISO file and selecting to open it with the Disk Image Writer. :wink:

Thanks! I know so little about this system its a bit of a handicap, but I’ve made the switch on all my computers (4) to linux completely (Ubuntu 20.04) so it’s sink or swim! ; )

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No worries, @laidbackradical! It will take a bit of time, but you will get there and you will be happy for the switch! :wink: