Unlockable Bootloader List

The purpose of this topic is to provide a list of smart phones with unlockable bootloaders for flashing a mobile Linux OS. Since some carriers have their devices shipped from the factory with an encrypted bootloader, we will only list the non-carrier models here. This list will be updated as we go along.

Carrier Unlocked vs Bootloader Unlocked

Carrier Unlocked - This simply means that the phone is capable of using a different carrier’s SIM card. To clear up confusion, this DOES NOT mean that you can put a mobile Linux distro on the phone.

Bootloader Unlocked - This is what you need to put whatever flavor of Linux on the phone.


  • Pixel, Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 5a

One Plus

  • One Plus 5, 5T
  • One Plus 6, 6T
  • One Plus 7 Pro
  • One Plus 7T


  • LG G5: RS988 for the U.S. open market
  • LG G6: US997/US997Z for the U.S. open market

Planet Computers notable devices

  • Cosmo Communicator
  • Gemini 4G, Gemini WiFi

@Slamminbones , first off - GREAT icon (Matrix + Punisher=AWESOME!!) second - which of those phones is closest in Dimensions to my Note10+ 5G - I am looking to pitch it (chunk of poop) but need the size as I am half blind. TIA. Any idea where to get an animated version to use as a dream on win machine?

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@BigDaveAZ I made a quick list below of your device compared to the two closest I could find. The One Plus 7 Pro is closest in terms of screen size. I pulled the specs from the manufacturer website. I hope this helps.

Note 10+ 5G
Screen: 6.8"
Thickness: 0.31" (7.9 mm)
Width 3.03" (77.2 mm)
Length 6.38" (162.3 mm)
Weight 6.98oz

Google Pixel 4 XL
Screen: 6.3"
Thickness: 0.32" (8.2mm)
Width: 2.96" (75.1mm)
Length: 6.31" (160.4mm)
Weight: 6.81oz

One Plus 7 Pro
Screen: 6.7"
Thickness: 0.35" (8.8mm)
Width: 2.99" (75.9mm)
Length: 6.4" (162.6mm)
Weight: 7.2oz


if I was to get a one plus 7 Pro this has an unlockable boot loader that I could load Graphene or another OS? just making sure cuz I would love for this to be an option?

Graphene is supported by the Pixels, but for the One Plus 7 Pro I’d use LineageOS. The OnePlus 7 Pro is also a good candidate for the upcoming Mobile Linux OS. I’ve posted links below for your convenience.




I hope this helps. I’m always around for questions if you have any, just a little delayed in my response time due to the holidays. Good Luck :+1: :vulcan_salute:


right on. thanks brother. I will try to be around more. I have been ill and out of commission for over a month. Your post helped mr a lot and thanks for the links @Slamminbones .


Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Hope everything turns around for you. Take care friend


I’m not sure if this is helpful or if it was omitted on purpose, but I bought a carrier-unlocked Pixel 5a from Google. I was able to unlock and relock the bootloader and install CalyxOS on it with very little trouble. Thanks for your effort in compiling the list!


Thank you, I’ll get it added


No help for me and my A12. :frowning: I was so excited when I go that phone. Now not so much.

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@Slamminbones the road to recovery is long and arduous and has had a couple of setbacks - ICU stays and brink of death stuff. So I see that Lineage is now available for said Note 10+ 5G. Is that the only or preferred OS for this phone? As always, I appreciate any help. Cheers! @vasileios any thoughts?

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Hey brother. Glad to hear you’re doing better. Take care of yourself. Linux for therapy. :penguin:

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@GrillerMiller Thanks brother the road to recovery is apparently going to be a long one. One step at a time. When the remodel is finaly finished - 3 weeks behind schedule with no real end in sight. m I plan on building my nextcloud setup with 2 4TB drives. I am on my way to checking out the course right now. Also Of course Linux for therapy - lol Cheers!!

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Hey, @BigDaveAZ!
I haven’t really tackled phones to be honest, only from what I’ve learned during my research. The only thing I use a phone for is to quickly check which app has a notification for me and then jump on a desktop or a laptop. :smiley:

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My apologies for a very late reply. Summers for me consist of 80-100 hour work weeks, and sleeping when I can. I haven’t seen development for the Note devices on other ROMs so I can’t say that it’s the only ROM available, but it is definitely preferred. I’ll be following closely since things are starting to wind down at work. Let me know if you any other questions

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@Slamminbones So good to hear from you. Glad to hear you are still alive, in these trying times. Thanks for the reply - I am looking to do this pretty quick - as soon as I am done with setting up my next cloud. Cheers!!

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