Unlockable Bootloader List

The purpose of this topic is to provide a list of smart phones with unlockable bootloaders for flashing a mobile Linux OS. Since some carriers have their devices shipped from the factory with an encrypted bootloader, we will only list the non-carrier models here. This list will be updated as we go along.

Carrier Unlocked vs Bootloader Unlocked

Carrier Unlocked - This simply means that the phone is capable of using a different carrier’s SIM card. To clear up confusion, this DOES NOT mean that you can put a mobile Linux distro on the phone.

Bootloader Unlocked - This is what you need to put whatever flavor of Linux on the phone.


  • Pixel, Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 5a

One Plus

  • One Plus 5, 5T
  • One Plus 6, 6T
  • One Plus 7 Pro
  • One Plus 7T


  • LG G5: RS988 for the U.S. open market
  • LG G6: US997/US997Z for the U.S. open market

Planet Computers notable devices

  • Cosmo Communicator
  • Gemini 4G, Gemini WiFi

@Slamminbones , first off - GREAT icon (Matrix + Punisher=AWESOME!!) second - which of those phones is closest in Dimensions to my Note10+ 5G - I am looking to pitch it (chunk of poop) but need the size as I am half blind. TIA. Any idea where to get an animated version to use as a dream on win machine?

@BigDaveAZ I made a quick list below of your device compared to the two closest I could find. The One Plus 7 Pro is closest in terms of screen size. I pulled the specs from the manufacturer website. I hope this helps.

Note 10+ 5G
Screen: 6.8"
Thickness: 0.31" (7.9 mm)
Width 3.03" (77.2 mm)
Length 6.38" (162.3 mm)
Weight 6.98oz

Google Pixel 4 XL
Screen: 6.3"
Thickness: 0.32" (8.2mm)
Width: 2.96" (75.1mm)
Length: 6.31" (160.4mm)
Weight: 6.81oz

One Plus 7 Pro
Screen: 6.7"
Thickness: 0.35" (8.8mm)
Width: 2.99" (75.9mm)
Length: 6.4" (162.6mm)
Weight: 7.2oz


if I was to get a one plus 7 Pro this has an unlockable boot loader that I could load Graphene or another OS? just making sure cuz I would love for this to be an option?

Graphene is supported by the Pixels, but for the One Plus 7 Pro I’d use LineageOS. The OnePlus 7 Pro is also a good candidate for the upcoming Mobile Linux OS. I’ve posted links below for your convenience.




I hope this helps. I’m always around for questions if you have any, just a little delayed in my response time due to the holidays. Good Luck :+1: :vulcan_salute:


right on. thanks brother. I will try to be around more. I have been ill and out of commission for over a month. Your post helped mr a lot and thanks for the links @Slamminbones .

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Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Hope everything turns around for you. Take care friend

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I’m not sure if this is helpful or if it was omitted on purpose, but I bought a carrier-unlocked Pixel 5a from Google. I was able to unlock and relock the bootloader and install CalyxOS on it with very little trouble. Thanks for your effort in compiling the list!

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Thank you, I’ll get it added

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No help for me and my A12. :frowning: I was so excited when I go that phone. Now not so much.