Universal USB Installer

I downloaded Linux Mint. But I am unable to download the Universal USB Installer. I keep getting an error message. help

did you burn the iso file to the USB with etcher or rufus? if the iso file was just copied to the usb it is just a file on it, the image must be burned.

I am new at this. This is a new USB. I have Ubuntu and Rufus on another drive. Can I use the same drive for Linux Mint? Thank you

Hey there!

Yes you can use the same drive for Mint. Just stick in the drive and open Rufus. After you select the Mint iso and start the process, Rufus will warn you that it will erase existing data, this is fine and what you want to do. You can do this same process many times if you want to try other Linux versions.

So, how do I “burn” a copy. I am stuck. It is just a file and not recognized on boot, I think.

Hal, I just now created a bootable USB for Mint. I run the latest version of Mint on my laptop. To create the USB, I downloaded their latest Mint image to my Downloads folder. I placed a USB in the port. From the mint menu, All Applications, I found that they have a USB Stick Formater on the list. I selected it, selected the USB and hit format.

After Formating, in my downloads Folder, I selected the Mint image that I just downloaded, right mouse clicked and from that dropdown menu selected Create a Bootable USB Stick.

The dialog is straight forward. You select the USB and write Image and about a minute later it was complete. This was all done without Rufus etc…and I stumbled on this while trying to get rufus to function on my laptop. Hope this helps!!!

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You will have to use either Rufus or Balena Etcher to create a bootable USB. There are ways to do it utilizing system utilities, but it is easier to just use a third party option.

There is another universal that’s open source and that works on multiple operating systems. It’s called USBImager. It’s described on the video below and you are shown how to download it and how to use it. Take a look at this well-done video: How to Create Bootable USB Linux Media with usbimager.

downloaded and installed usbimager, writing first usb disk with it now

Disks, just about a standard of all distros is an excellent tool as well. Just be sure that you’ve clicked the USB and NOT your hdd/sdd

been there done that, lost my boot partition

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