UFW in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS app list

I checked to see if the ufw was installed on my laptop (Dell XPS Developers Edition), which it is.
I checked the status and found it was inactive. Then I checked to see the ufw app list.It came back:
Available applications:

I looked this up and it seems that it has something to do with printing. Why is this the only app associated with the ufw?

My question is - do I need to install OpenSSH? If so, how do I do that?
Also, do I need to create an SSH prior to enabling the ufw?

I am still very new to Linux and trying to learn all the correct terminology.

Thanks so much.

Susan Barnes

With all of the wireless printers/scanners today cups would need to be an open port by default. SSH is a very useful tool when working between remote systems or multiple systems and if ufw were active yes you would need to open a port for ssh.

Here’s a good link for UFW from DigitalOcean UFW usage

Thank you! I appreciate the information and the link.

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