Ubuntu to zoom interface

From a Ubuntu screen … I desired to share screen on a zoom call … another person initiated the zoom call … but when I went to share screen as I had done on Win10 the tab or window on Brave that was open w/ info did not show up on the Zoom interface … what step did I miss ??

Just a wild guess, but did the host (person who initiated the zoom call) grant you to be the presenter? I believe all guests need permission to be able to share their screens


There are several tabs on the Share Screen interface for Zoom now. Did you check the other tabs for the Brave screen you wanted?

I use Zoom on Ubuntu, too. If you can recreate the problem then post a screen shot of the Zoom interface, that will help me see what you are seeing and not seeing.

Yes she & I have used zoom a lot b4 this …

Thanks 4 your input … here are some more details … I downloaded an app called “VLC media player” on my computer w/unbuntu to play the DVD that I wanted to share on zoom … opened that & had the video ready to play … opened zoom & as a host … I went to share screen … the zoom white screen came up but did not include the video window … I have done this process on zoom & W10 many times … w/ no problems … so I’m assuming there is a connecting step I have missed … does that description make sense … can You help from here ??

Thanks for responding to my question … I have answered you with a more precise description … hope you can help me understand how to get the 2 programs / apps to communicate with each other … thanks

I don’t have a DVD player in my computer that works, but I have Zoom and VLC. I was able to open a video on my hard drive in VLC and see it as a shared option in Zoom. Is the DVD you want to share one that is professionally made, meaning like a movie you bought on DVD? I wonder if there is copyright protection built into the DVD stream that is triggering Zoom to ignore it as a shareable option. I’d look up how digital copyright protection works with VLC and Zoom. I don’t know why it would work in Windows and not in Ubuntu, though. Another thing I can think of is that somehow Ubuntu is not routing the video stream from the DVD to Zoom correctly, or Zoom on Linux is not set up to recognize a video stream from a DVD device.

I don’t know why it isn’t working, but you might try looking up the issues I listed above on the forums and support pages for Zoom, Ubuntu, and VLC, if you haven’t already.