Ubuntu to newest version of Mint or Zorin

Considering switching distros, wondering if doing so avoids software installation problems with terminal for a non programmer? So far cut and paste commands have been fine with exceptions. Is the interface for software installation not dependent on Terminal in these other distros or must I learn to be proficient in Terminal commands?

The Ubuntu version I have comes with Ubuntu Software app for installing popular apps. There are times when using commands is necessary… Not sure if switching distro would make a difference (at least in my case…)

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thanks, I knew that, have some other needs including my VPN and a few others.
not a deal breaker learning new commands but would prefer if there was an easier interface hence asked about new Mint and Zorin…

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@mauip, I have tried Mint and currently have Zorin on a laptop, they felt about the same to me. Also, I just switched to Ubuntu 22.04 and now using Gnome Software app (so it will also include flatpak versions when available) and leaving the Ubuntu Software app as a backup.

But, you must have your own preferences so why not try those on an USB and see if Mint and Zorin work better for you.

As far as line commands, I had no idea what I was doing with them 6 months ago. Now I am pretty comfortable with them. As many others from this community I know, started from knowing nothing of it. If you stick with Linux, you might find that to be true, too.

Happy exploring!

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Hey @mauip!
When switching distros, all you need to do is simply backup your home folder or the individual folders where you have your personal files to an external, USB drive. Hence, when you install the new distro, you can simply copy everything back.

On the Zorin or Mint, I would personally wait a little bit, as they haven’t performed the upgrade to their new version that is equivalent (in at least Kernel version) with the 22.04 Ubuntu. I believe it’s taking them extra time because of the heavy SNAP package reliance of Ubuntu’s latest version. I’ve been keeping an eye on both, including the Elementary OS, as I have a Zorin 16.1 Pro in one of my systems.

Linux Mint has recently released a beta version of their Vanessa upgrade, which means they are getting closer to a release.

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Thank you for the timely update, only mildly cobbled with Ubuntu on a few software installs.
Honestly have not spent that much time, other than that very happy with Linux thanks to your advice and others!

I really like the purple panther desktop in Ubuntu. Is there an easy way to save it as .jpg or similar? My usual tendency to right click and save is different here…

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You’re very welcome!
Per the desktop wallpaper, that would depend. Is the image part of the Ubuntu desktop images or are you looking to download and use it from the Internet?

I am not sure what you are asking as my competency in this domain is lacking.
I was just trying to save the desktop background as some type of image file so it could be used elsewhere. I hope that makes sense.

Is this what you are looking for? https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-wallpaper

With Linux, I can usually find the answers for general questions like this, just make sure you include the distro name and version. I found that link looking for where the image is stored when I searched for where it’s stored.

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brilliant now have it as .png fie Mahalo!!!

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