Ubuntu terminal, software installation

First a comment, Terminal would not take my password, several days later got an update Ubuntu message that fixed the issue as I was uncomfortable with online root type fixes.

I had problems simply shutting down Ubuntu using the down arrow in right corner of screen.
Is there a better way that I am missing?

When it comes to software install, will again try to install Surf Shark VPN, micro torrent, and free tube,
probably in that order. Trying not to muck up this most helpful group with basic questions but YouTubes are often many years old and the command no longer applicable…

Hey @mauip!
If you ever become unable to use your password as sudo in terminal, try the following command:

faillock --reset

It used to happen to me for a little while, and that command fixed it for me. Now, that issue is no longer present.

Per the shutdown part, you can always issue if via terminal via:



shutdown now

For reboot, you can do:



shutdown -r now

If it still acts up, do the above commands with a sudo in front of them. :slight_smile:

sorry for the delay responding, thanks for the expertise, it makes it all much easier!

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Hey @mauip!
I’m glad it could help out! It was a bug, which has been fixed in the rolling distros, so I guess it’s a matter of time before the fix reaches you too.