Ubuntu - Macbook Pro 13 2012

I am trying to install Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro 2012. It will load Ubuntu from the jump drive but when I install it just comes to a white screen after it boots. I searched and searched and can not find anyone with the same issue. Someone suggested to uncheck install 3rd party software… that didn’t work. Someone suggested to uncheck auto log in… that was also unsuccessful. I have a friend that loves linux but has never fooled with Mac. He took the laptop and installed Linux Mint. Although I am happy that linux is working , I am not happy that I was unsuccessful and want to install and have it work with Ubuntu. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance for your help

What is the version of Ubuntu you’re trying to install? I highly recommend you use the LTS (long-term service) version 20.04.

Thank you for replying. Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back. It is 21.04. I saw that someone else installed Budgie and loves it. The MacBook is working with Linux but someone else installed for me and I really would like to try Ubuntu. I am fearful to try again.

I have seen @vasileios instruct people on how to install Budgie on top of other distros, but the research that i am doing is saying that installing on top of Mint is not a good idea. So I wouldn’t suggest that as an option.

Go to this page and download “ubuntu-budgie-21.10-desktop-amd64.iso.”

If this version doesn’t work, then there might be something else wrong with your machine.

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I downloaded the version the that you suggested and am able to boot from the jump drive. It doesn’t recognize my wifi and I am not able to figure out how to fix that so I’m thinking that I would have the same problem if I install and it boots correctly. As bad as I hate it, I guess it is best just to keep the Linux Mint that my friend installed. =-(

I found the drivers and the wireless is working. Now I need to decide if I want to try to install…

If you really want Ubuntu Budgie, it could be worth it! If there’s nothing important that you need on the Linux Mint that your friend installed, it won’t hurt anything to try.

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You have given me the courage to try! I’ll let you know what happens.

I did it and it works!!


Awesome! So happy for you! Great work!

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