Ubuntu Home server and internet access

This is a two part question. Many months ago I watched the LMS lesson on setting up a Ubuntu home server with Nextcloud. I followed step by step but ran into problems when a different firewall from UFW was being put in place and configured. I never really was able to get this completed as it should be. I had all kind of issues with setting up/configuring Apache (what ever Apache does for me?) My result, and where I have left it until now, is I have Ubuntu installed and also installed Nextcloud as part of the Ubuntu server install process. I was successful in some of these steps just by following directions step by step and not because I knew what i was doing. I am able to use Nextcloud on my home network via HTTP. I have not been able to set up and use HTTPS or set it up for internet access. I did by a domain name and PositiveSSL from Namecheap but have not been able to use it. I am not sure what I do from here to enable https as well as access via the internet. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

My 2nd part of my question is: I would really like to understand and learn about this part of the technology vs just following steps blindly. It is a black hole to me currently. Is there and subject matter, videos, topics you can suggest I research and learn so i know what all this does and how it should work?

Thanks for your help and direction.

Hey @ronbillock!
I completely understand the frustration of just following steps. This is something I noticed about a lot of people the past few months, so I’ve adjusted the way I’m presenting the LMS courses lately. The most recent one, about installing Arch and setting it up (as a trilogy of courses) follows full explanations of each step. The last segment will be up tomorrow. Each edit ends up being around 100GB, but it’s worth it.

The next LMS will be right on the spot for you. I intend on prepping a Samba and NextCloud server for home use. Generally speaking, you can set your server issue a “self-issued” certificate, but that may alert your clients. Not that it matters much, as the connection will still be secure.

In order to allow your home server to reach the Internet, you’ll need to open up port forwarding on your router, which can be tricky. The reason I mention that is because Internet Service Providers may block ports for a variety of services. Plus, the dynamic IP address they offer may require you to utilize a Dynamic DNS service. Unless you can afford a Static IP.

I’d personally recommend you invest time into understanding the security of your server before you set it loose on the Internet with all your personal files on it. It’ll take some experimentation, but you’ll get there. :smiley:

Thanks, I no longer have access to the new Linux based LMS courses. I am in the Python class and ended the Linux classes since it was just to much to keep up with. How can I get access to this next course?

Hey @ronbillock!
Once I upload the NextCloud and home server course, I’ll make an announcement here in the forums. So, you could just get a one-month sub to watch it and grab the notes for it. I just delivered the three courses on Installing, configuring, and polishing Arch with a Gnome desktop environment. So, it will take me a little bit to get the NextCloud up.