Ubuntu Budgie Raven calendar app alternatives?

Really liking my Budgie install on a 2012 MacBookPro, just not liking the Raven calendar app AT ALL. It unexpectedly quits fairly often, and to be honest, I just don’t like how it looks/works as a whole. What other calendar apps would you suggest I look at? Thanks!

Hey @JK!
If there is a calendar that you like, you can go to alternativeto.net and type that in the search bar. Then you can narrow the options to Linux. It should give you a pretty good list of alternatives.

Click this link to see Linux alternatives to Goog Calendar.

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Hello @JK !

Perhaps you will find this article helpful. Though it has some big tech references in it.

I personally found that Evolution Mail comes as a great full package - especially when you enable the off-line email, which downloads all your emails locally (but still keeps it also on the server). It’s the Gnome default, but Budgie is based on Gnome, so you could give it a shot.

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