Ubuntu 22.04 won't scan

I upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 a couple of month ago and since then I’ve been unable to scan anything. It recognizes my HP copier/printer/scanner/fax and comes up “ready to scan” but when I hit the green scan button I get the message “Failed to scan. Unable to start scan.” This appears on both laptops and my desktop with the same message. I’ve looked on line for some help but nothing seems to help. I’m using the Document Scanner that comes preinstalled on Ubuntu. Thanks in advance for the assistance!

I don’t know what software you are using to scan but my all time favorite is xsane. If xsane is not installed then try installing it and try to scan with it. If it doesn’t work or doesn’t find the scanner/printer then you could try setting up the printer again.

If xsane is installed you can run it from a terminal window with the simple command:
or use the icon in your programs menu.

If it doesn’t work please post back with as much pertinent info as you can come up with.

I just installed it and get the message “no devices available” I have an HP 277 printer and have to use it with a wifi connection.

Does the printer print from you upgraded system?

Have you uninstalled and reinstall the printer since upgrading you system? That may help.

Yes, the printer works fine and I did reinstall the printer after upgrading to the 22.04. Also, the installed “Document scan” on 20.04 worked fine before updating.

Depending on how you installed the printer you could try the instructions in the link below.
I would first uninstall the printer then follow the link instructions.

OK, I’ll give it a try.

I had an issue like that where the IP address of my Epson XP-410 WiFi combo printer received a new IP address from router and all systems could not connect after.

I simply set the WiFi printers address statically(got printers MAC address out of printer system menu) in the router via the MAC address(the same IP address that all the systems were looking for), shut down and rebooted printer and then every system was able to print and scan again(used Document Scanner as well at the time, now using Xsane)

I don’t know how to set the address statically. I can still print from each computer, just can’t get Document Scanner or Xsane to work. :frowning: