Ubuntu 22.04 LTS early Kernel Upgrade (6.2) error

Good Evening, after the Software Updater prompted me to install Ubuntu kernel 6.2, I have been unable to boot into my desktop. Tried recovery mode and again attempted to update and ugrade from terminal (sudo apt update && upgrade). The following errors were noted in the attached screenshot. Any help would be appreciated. @dennis

It looks like you still have two earlier kernels in /boot. Have you tried booting to one of those from the boot menu?

I have tried them all in generic and recovery mode.

When utilizing apt command with && you still need to use sudo before each command i.e.
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade I highly discourage that usage, instead use sudo apt update && sudo apt list --upgradable which will allow you to review updates prior to install as well as pick and choose updates you wish to install by simply using sudo apt upgrade packagname1 packagename2… and so on or if you are fine with all of them sudo apt upgrade -y

If you have multiple kernels in /boot it may be full and can cause this issue.
df -ah will output the attached disk partitions and usage amount in a human readable format.

sudo apt autoremove will remove unused/orphaned kernel an packages, followed by sudo apt autoclean to clean up retrieved repository files.


Hope these help!

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Thank you very much, I will try that this evening and let you know. Appreciate your advice.

Tried the auto remove and clean commands you suggest to wipe out unused kernels. Unfortunately, issue persists.

Did you run the df -ah command?
It may make a lot more being Ubuntu. Try to make more then one picture of it so I can read it. I cannot read the one above.

@MrDeplorableUSA see a clearer picture of the original (above), attached.

[RESOLVED] thank you @dennis and @MrDeplorableUSA for your help and suggestions. Also thanks to Telegram: Contact @jptchat for suggesting ubuntuforums.org (credit: tomber57, System boots to command line after failed update (Dual boot)). Thank you all, God Bless.

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