Ubuntu 22.04 cannot create boot USB stick

Installed Brasero and created the .iso image…
The "Startup Disk " app “Make Startup Disk” dialog will not open up the input file to be filled in after I click “other” and highlight the .iso file, even after I right click on it and choose “copy location”. The only buttons there are cancel and open and they are no help.

Terminal workaround?

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dd would be the terminal command.

Write a bootable USB from terminal

Be sure to verify the dev before beginning any write procedure a you do NOT want to mistakenly write the wrong dev.

Thank you, I will check it out!

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dd command appeared to work but cannot boot from it using UEFI choice at power-up.

get message “The selected boot device failed”,

the properties show up as filesystem type = .isofs 74 items 146.5MB

Personally I have only 1 UEFI system on Debian 11.3 on a full non-proprietary hardware no-Wi-Fi system. Everything else is laptops where i disabled UEFI and ran legacy systems. Many of which require non-free firmware to work with the Intel Wi-Fi cards. UEFI has its benefits and like Wayland(Xorg replacement) I feel have not reached a mature enough state for average or novice user deployment.

My personal opinion is to access the bios and disable UEFI boot

Now that sounds like a PROBLEM. Will have to give it some thought.
Thanks for your input!

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