Ubuntu 21.04 - Not stable?...switching back to 20.04

We (DH and I) successfully installed Ubuntu 20.04 to my 2011 ASUS gaming laptop (Win 8.1 is also on it).

All ran great, and I was very happy with this distro. Even found the 2019 Ubuntu “Disco Dingo” image (that’s my Profile image; reminds me of our beloved and late Blue Heeler), and added it as Wallpaper.

Then, we thought… why not install the latest Ubuntu update from this year.

We did, and I’m not happy.

Apps aren’t running well, primarily. Things seem to be a bit “glitchy”.

We’re going to “give up” and install 20.04, which seems to be more stable than this year’s update.

Has anyone else experienced issues with Ubuntu 21.04?

Hey @LadyJC!

Yeah, Ubuntu 21.04 is their most current beta version. If you want stability, look for LTS versions (Long Term Service). Distros with this marker are their stable versions.

The most up to date versions are usually for testing and experimentation.

Presently, 20.04 is Ubuntu’s latest stable version.

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Hello @LadyJC!

What @SBHX said is correct. Every two years Canonical produces an LTS (Long Term Support) version of their Ubuntu. Meanwhile, they produce two more versions on April and October, exactly 12 and 18 months later, respectively. So, each version is named after the year and the month.

Therefore the versions are 20.04 (April of 2020), which is the LTS, and the 21.04 (April of 2021), and the 21.10 (October 2021), which are the short-term ones, used mainly for testing until the next LTS version. As such, the next LTS shall be released on April of 2022 under the 22.04 version number.

When you are using a system for stability (called “Production Environment”), then you definitely need an LTS version. :slight_smile:

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Any way to downgrade from 21.10 to 20.04? Or is it a a format and reinstall?

Thanks. Ken

Thank you, @SBHX and @vasileios for the confirmation. :blush:

Yes, we started with 20.04, and it was my first introduction to Linux desktop. And, I meant to write that we “upgraded” my ASUS to 21.10 and not 21.04. So yes, definitely a Beta environment, LOL.

@kenfirch I will do a new install, wiping out 21.10, and beginning again with 20.04. Today, I made a list of all the software apps I had installed (and not all worked on 21.10), plus I sneeker netted (saved to USB) the Documents, Download, and Picture files --only a few-- that were in “Home” on 21.10.

Not sure if there’s a way to downgrade. My husband just wipes and installs the Distro, and he says it’s easy…just time consuming as it took a couple of hours.


We’re happy to be of help, @LadyJC!
If the installation took a couple of hours, then perhaps it’s a disk speed issue. If you have a HDD, then you will greatly benefit from an SSD. Generally, all my installations take between 15 to 20 minutes, tops. :slight_smile:

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Yes, we both have 2011 ASUS gaming laptops with HDDs.

We’ll put SSDs on our To Buy List for 2022. That’s a great suggestion, thank you, @vasileios!

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As always, it’s my pleasure @LadyJC! :slight_smile:

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