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Hi all, I’m a Nubee. Follow Jeff on Telegram since he started. I started with Mac 2si, moved to Mac 6300CD, found out it was a Windows world🤢 so self taught, win 95 up to current… realized a while back, win/Mac all internet dependent. Just now making switch to Ubuntu 20.04. Need to learn terminal ( need reading material) but love the look and feel… any suggestions? Have an LG 29” ultra wide monitor 2150x1080 res. Ubuntu only goes to 1900 something… got printers, wifi, gig net, webcam/mic, email all perfect… need help with monitor.

This may be a simple matter of installing the right set of drivers. If you are using the open source driver this may not support higher resolutions. If you know what video driver to look for you can install the proprietary one if you need to.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I will try that.

As @DaleGribble Dale suggested, the right “drivers” or modules may help.

Video graphics hardware?

Hey @mweaver1111 and welcome to the forums!
There are indeed some scenarios where Linux may not recognize a monitor’s custom resolutions. In those situations, you can create your own setup, though it will require a few terminal commands. You can have a look at the article below and utilize the steps to generate your own custom resolution, which will then become available on the Display Settings. :slight_smile:

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That is fine with me! A little familiar with DOS, but learning terminal commands… slow but sure. All in “spare” time, when available… but I’ll get there. Thank you for tge reply!


Thank you Sir… I wont be able to work on it till next Monday… I’m swamped… I appreciate your help… 1920x1080 is ok, but it looks stretched and not as crisp as it can be… Ill get back with the results…

Thank you again…

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The Linux Foundation offers a free course through EdX that can give you the foundation on CLI (Command Line Interface) or ‘bash shell’.
Here is the link: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/

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