Two degoogled Dell Chromebooks for sale (SOLD)

Hi, I have two Dell degooglified Chromebooks
One is 2GB RAM 16GB with Linux Manjaro for $65 and free shipping in U.S.
The other is 4GB RAM 16 GB with Archman Linux for $75 and free shipping in U.S.
Both have WiFi, webcam, built-in speakers. All audio works. You can contact me here or at for more details.

Morning, KatM,

Will it be possible to add more to the 4GB? If so, I would be interested.

I am completely new here, but have been following Jeff’s forum for several months now, as I know that I will eventually have to work from a more secure platform and device. I figure that half the battle is “degoogling” a device (for which I have neither the time nor the know-how to do).

Many thanks,

cm winston

Hello. Unfortunately I sold the 4 GB one last night. I do still have the 2GB with Linux or I can possibly get another 4GB and degoogled it for you. With the lighter Linux distros I use for the Chromebooks, there really is not much of a noticeable difference in speed or function. I am about to order another for my mom, so I can certainly see if there are two available.

What exactly did you want to add to it?


Hi again,

I would use the device for most of my online communications and research (of which I do a lot). Also, my current laptop has been hacked (I think), as I was on my job’s network, which was severely hacked and ransomed last year. I suspect that there are still many vulnerabilities which caused this. So, long story short, I need a device from which I can do extensive communicating and researching.

Many thanks,

cm winston

Hello again. One of the things I have noticed with the degoogled Chromebooks is the lack of space on the hard drive. They are pretty quick when using the internet, but if you plan on saving lots of files from your research, something with a little more storage might be better. If you are not saving a lot then these are great for web browsing, email, and most also have built in web cams if you do video chats as well. Just not a lot of storage space. If you are interested in one, you could always utilize an external USB drive, that is what I use for saving most of my documents and photos, etc.

Hi again, KatM,

Apologies for the late reply, as I had to step out.

Yes, the one thing that I knew about the Chromebooks is that they only handle GGL products. I think I knew also that they aren’t good for storage.

Also, I need to use my external hard drive more often. But you speak of external USBs, which I haven’t gotten to yet.

In any event, please keep me posted should you run across a de-GGLd Chromebook, as I would use it specifically for video chats (which I unfortunately have to do a lot of) and web browsing.


cm winston

Hi. I have two more on order and will degoogle them as soon as I get them. One is already spoken for but I’ll let you know when the other is available and see if you still need one.


Many thanks, KatM.


cm winston

Hello. I just wanted to let you know I will have another 4GB Dell Chromebook available early next week. It should arrive here by Monday or Tuesday, and I can have it degoogled and sent out the next day. If you are still interested let me know. So far the best choices for the OS is Manjaro and Archman, but I’m still testing out others. Some just don’t like to cooperate with the sound and video on the Chromebooks.

Hi, Kat! I didn’t know you were on here. I just bought a chromebk from you on ebay.
Is there a good video on here somewhere to show me around Mangaro.
Thank you.

Hi there. I don’t know of any videos but there is a user guide and welcome guide with some links already in your apps. Just open your app menu and they are under accessories, or just type in Manjaro in the search bar. If I come across any videos I will let you know and feel free to contact me here if you have questions. I hope your enjoying your new computer.