Tutorial: How to Uninstall Applications in Ubuntu

I found this article/blog post on ItsFOSS (itsfoss.com)

It provides three (3) ways to uninstall software applications in Ubuntu:
1- Software Center
2- Terminal command line
3- Uninstall Snap apps via Terminal

The methods are easy. This article helped me, and I wanted to share it with our community:




Thank you, appreciate it

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You’re welcome, Tracy! Thank you for your comment!

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Thank you! Trying to get rid of Firefox and Thunderbird and got the
“package not found” error

Tutorial: How to Uninstall Applications in Ubuntu - #2 by Tracy got the package not found error, did not try Thunderbird.
Did not know that the briefcase.installed function could do all that nice stuff.
Firefox showed up but Thunderbird did not.
Remove button worked for Firefox after opening . Had to go to the terminal
for “Thunderbird” and that string was found so no need for wildcard option!!

Thank you!!!

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On Ubuntu I think Firefox and Thunderbird(and many more now as Ubuntu 22) are installed by snap as well as Gnome at some point and time in during Ubuntu 20.04.

Try sudo snap list to see installed packages.

i cleaned out a Ubuntu Mate 20.04 system of snaps this way and then removed and blocked snap package then reinstalled all the applications that I wanted from authors ppas. Freed up over 15GB of space by cleaning out snaps. With only a 256GB SSD it makes a difference lol.

I moved away from Ubuntu on all of my systems this summer. I primarily run Debian 11 on my laptop now and my wife and daughters have DebianEDU based on 11. No snaps.

Thanks! I will put Debian on top of the Windows partition LOL

Before you jump on it Straight Debian is a fickle beast about WiFi cards so be sure to use an Ethernet cable. When the WiFi card fails as it likely will This link has a ton of stuff to help get past the issue., post install.

Look it over, a LOT of useful info for non-free firmware as I still had issue until I found this with downloading the non-free_firmware ISO.

Install and configure Debian 11 Bullseye

10 - 4…no radiation poisoning for me.

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