Turning on a VPN on Linux Mint

I have a existing VPN that I want to use on my new Linux Mint computer. What is the software that I should be using to enter my profile information into the computer to use or activate VPN services.
Currently using BraxVPN. He uses OpenVPN.

Hey @Paul!
All you need to do is go your Brax.Me account and type down your credentials. Then go to the VPN configuration settings and select the Ubuntu area. All you’ll need to do is download the server files (.ovpn) to your computer. Then go to your Network Settings, locate the VPN tab and hit the + button (or Add new). Select “Import from File” and load up the .ovpn file(s) you downloaded. Once imported, remember to put in your credentials in - and you’ll be set!

The problem I have lies in the problem of no VPN configuration settings in Linux Mint. Checked every menu, looked in the repository and it shows being installed. How do I access this?? Is there a way to find it in Terminal?
As stated above, BraxVpn operates using OpenVPN which is installed but not on the Network Manager menu.

In that scenario, you will need to install the following:

sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn

This will attach the OpenVPN to your Network Settings. :slight_smile:

In the event that everything is properly installed, you might need to do some digging. As in add a new network connection (in your Network Settings) and scroll all the way down where it says VPN and Import from File. :slight_smile:

Wow, Am I really glad you posted this! I was going round with the Brax help. They aren’t very familiar with the Linux stuff! The last picture you had with the import a saved VPN was key. I had stopped on OpenVPN selection and couldn’t figure out the gateway! The Brax folks had created a file to download that gave all the info that OpenVPN needed. Under the OpenVPN selection you have to type it in manually and that was not how they are set up over there! After a hour of trying to figure it out with their help folks on chat. . .Vasileios comes to the rescue. . .you should do this for a living buddy. . .lol :rofl:


I’m just glad this helped out @Paul!
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