Trying to locate a zip file

I’m working with one of the Admins on the Tech Garage Chat on a sideload to my phone. I downloaded a zip file for that. The instructions said I was supposed to put it in the same folder as adb which is /usr/bin./ I’m not sure if I was supposed to extract it first or not, but it didn’t say to do that, and since file is supposed to be installed on my phone, not my computer, I figured it would be extracted there, so I just moved the zip file. However I think I screwed it up and put it in /bin/ instead of /usr/bin/ which is where adb is. I used the Find command to try to look for it by file name, and I got a about 50 lines of various “permission denieds.” I don’t know where the file is now, it’s gone from my downloads. Can you please help?


Hey @Gr82blanda!
The best way to do this is via terminal, especially if you - somewhat - remember the name of the file.

First, you’ll need to install the locate command (some distros don’t have it by default):

sudo apt install mlocate

Just to be sure its database is updated (on Ubuntu it does that automatically), type in:

sudo updatedb

Then, to locate the ZIP file:

sudo locate

– and it will spot it for you, alongside with the folder it’s in.

Remember, when you get a “Permission Denied” - it means you need to run that command with sudo before it. :wink:

Hi Vasileios,

Thank you!

I did the above and I was able to find a number of copies the file that I had downloaded later and moved to trash, however I did not find the original file that I downloaded this morning. I wonder if I somehow accidentally deleted that one? Also, I deleted all copies of that file that I downloaded later from my downloads and emptied the trash. However when I run that locate command, I’m still seeing one file in downloads and several in trash. I cannot actually see them when I look in those directories either in the file manager or through the command line. I’d like to clear all these copies out of my system so I can start over with a fresh download.

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In that scenario, I would recommend you create a folder in Documents and move all the necessary files there. That way nothing will get lost. :slight_smile:

Also try plocate. Maybe a better version of locate.

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