Trouble attaching a large file in Thunderbird

I bought an email from Rob Braxman and it’s been going well until now. I just tried to attach a large file to an outgoing email; it wants to send it as a link. Ok, no problem. But there seems no way to do this. The ad-ons to make that work need firefox, apparently, but firefox won’t allow any of them. I searched, but the only work around was to change the size limit of what thunderbird would send. I did that but the file is still too large.

Anyone come across this yet and know what to do?

Out of curiosity, have you attempted it from Braxman webmail? Assuming if he offers one of course.

Exactly how large are you trying to send? Is it compressed at all?

I don’t know that he has a webmail. He may, but the instructions are for thunderbird. It’s a zoom recording, about 770,000kb. Gmail usually sends it as a link. I’ll look into compressing it. I didn’t know that was a thing :slight_smile:

you may able to run it through handbrake first as well unless it’s pressing and needs to go immediately.

Thanks @MrDeplorableUSA
It worked to add the extension for sending files as links when I added it from my linux computer (it’s still all in process) rather than from the windows computer!!! YAY!!!


Hey @Jen!
That is great to hear!
Also, for future reference, email generally have a limitation of approximately 25MB per message. There are a few services out there that have a workaround for that, but it’s a custom solution. Keep in mind that when you attach a file, the headers added from the SMTP (sending protocol) will add an average of 30-40% to the total size of the email. So, when you send a 20MB file, it will easily reach 24+MB in size.

In general, when sending out huge files, like the one you tried, it is best to upload them on a file-sharing service and send out the link. WeTransfer works nicely for that purpose and it’s free for up to 2GB.


I use Mega as a secure cloud service (fully encrypted), and if I need to send a large file, upload it to Mega, then share a link. Works very well. What I like about Mega is that it offers more storage space in the cloud than others as well as being encrypted.