Transfering Photos/videos to Linux Mint 20.2 cinnamon from iphone 11

I have an Iphone 11 pro, with close to 9,000 photos and video that i need to offload to my PC after switching to Linux Mint 20.2 cinnamon. Every time i plug in the Iphone, the phone recognizes it has been connected to a computer and asks me to trust or not trust the PC. i hit accept on the Phone but the computer does not recognize the device, it will not show up anywhere in the file explorer. I have previously used and app called Sharik to take the photos off but unfortunately it only allows me to transfer them 1 by 1, which is way to tedious of a task for 9,000. Any help or suggestions on how i can just finish this process? surely someone has to have transferred Iphone photos before to Linux mint 20.2? Thank you in advance if you can help!


When I plug my iPhone to my laptop’s USB port using Linux Mint, I also get the trust pop up to which I say yes and then type my pass code on the phone to unlock it.

I then get a screen that pops up on my Mint desktop “You have just inserted a medium with digital photos. Choose what app to launch” I then select the app at the top named “Import with Pix”

This opens and the app window shows me all my pictures on the phone. It also tells me that it will default the imported pictures to my /home/pictures folder. You can change it if you want, then clicking on import button at the bottom begins the import of all the pictures from my phone to Mint.

Are you not seeing the same thing or is the Pix app not installed by default?


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Hey @coryd331!
@mva is very right. Once you connect your iPhone via USB to your Linux and select the “Trust” on your phone, Linux will allow you to enter and copy all photos from your iPhone - as Michael said.

Alternatively, if you have your photos up on the iCloud, you can go to the and login normally. Then, go to Photos and select to view them all. Then select one and scroll to Shift+Select another. Do that until you select 1,000 photos, which is the maximum number of files the web version of iCloud will allow you. Once they’re all downloaded, you’ll be set. :slight_smile:

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thank you guys for your suggestions, i do have the pix app installed on linux mint but the computer does not give the option to download and import to the pc, so i went with the iCloud way, it works for the time being once everything is off the phone ill cancel the i cloud and switch and an android in which i can degoogle anyways!


Hi @coryd331,
A friend of mine moved all her photos to iCloud in an effort to save them before moving to a new phone. Unfortunately, when she downloaded them, she found that the iCloud process had converted her originals to a much lower resolution.

Before you wholesale upload/delete, you might consider uploading a couple photos, downloading them, then comparing those to your originals: size, format, resolution, etc.

Also, check to see if iCloud has a cap on #GB it will store. If they do, that might have been the reason that her photos lost size/quality. She uploaded many years worth.

Hopefully, storing – even temporarily – to iCloud won’t inadvertently degrade your photos.

FYI, another option is a Flash Drive for iPhone. Here’s one source for various brands: This would allow you to save iPhone photos to USB, then USB transfer them to Mint/Cinnamon… or just retain them, saved on the USB.

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I just tried that with my Android Moto G6 Play, wired (USB) to my Linux Mint 20.3 pc, and was able to navigate anywhere on the phone (that Android allowed me to go) and was able to copy files to my pc with no problem.

I first had to turn off debugging, which was on, and then went into Settings on phone, then Connected Devices, and tapped on File Transfer, since it went to charging. That’s on Android 9.

My pc’s file browser then showed me two folders on my phone: Internal shared storage and my SanDisk SD card. I could then navigate anywhere on the phone that I wanted to go.

I set up two panes in my Nemo file manager: one on the left, for the phone, and one on the right, for the pc. I didn’t find any pictures on the SD card, though it had a Pictures folder and plenty of room, so I guess I could move things over there if Android would allow that, which I suspect it would but don’t know the specifics of that off hand. The Internal shared storage held anything I had to copy.

To disconnect from the phone, I just clicked on the Eject button beside the phone, in my pc’s file manager, and the file manager closed when the connection was severed.

So I suspect that it might be similar for you.

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