Tracking by Router MAC addresses

I posted this on the chat room, but no one responded. Any ideas? Thanks.

"Has anyone else checked location/tracking on their computer or phone at Brax.Me ? When doing so I’m seeing my location isn’t available and my IP address is that of my vpn, but there’s a warning that reads “You can still be tracked by Google and Apple by Router MAC addresses. " I’ve identified what the MAC address is, but how exactly does that tracking work?”

Hey there @famcoll!
Yes, the tracking may still take place via sites that utilize Google services - but not as much has it does on phones. However, the router gives you the option to use the MAC address of each computer separately. With Linux, you can basically randomize your MAC address via the respective connection in the Network Settings. :slight_smile:

The MAC address (AKA Media Access Control) is essentially a form of serial number of your network card (ethernet or WiFi). It is used for device identification and is most used as identification for phones. Google doesn’t really use it much - if at all - on static/desktop systems, as they know it can be spoofed.

Thanks, Vasileios. So, if I’m using a degoogled phone with microG with no GAPPS and a VPN that utilizes TOR, I can breathe easy. Or, so it seems.

I have another question about microG settings in a degoogled phone, but I’ll ask that in a separate post.

As much as it secures your safety and privacy, the MAC address may still be visible, depending on the site you visit and how much info it requests. Perhaps in the settings there may be a MAC spoofer or - alternatively - an app can help.

I don’t have a de-googled phone, as I have to still maintain my Googled one, as it’s international (and I’d like to do the change once I’m back in Greece). :slight_smile: