Toshiba Satellite laptop- how to install distro from USB and erase password protected SSD?

A friend gave me an old Toshiba Satellite S855D laptop with a SSD. I want to erase the drive and load a distro onto it. However, after I turn it on and get the Toshiba logo startup screen, it says “Enter HDD/SSD Password”. I have tried the different function keys to get it to give me the option to boot from my USB, but no combination of F1, F2, F12, etc. works. Does anyone have a Toshiba and can you tell me if there is a way to boot from the USB and erase the SSD from there?


I found this article that seems to give clear instructions on how to bypass this for a Toshiba. It will require you to remove the hard drive, boot to the Linux USB and then connect it back.

I hope this helps.


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What @mva found works nicely.
If that doesn’t work, my personal approach would be to get that drive out of the laptop and connect it via a USB enclosure. Then boot via the Linux Live USB and use the Disks app to completely format the drive I placed externally. Then, I’d reconnect it inside the laptop and take it from there. :slight_smile: