Tmobile G1 Phone to DeGoogle?

I have been using my iPhone for years. The only phone I haven’t gotten rid of is my G1 phone. It looks like it was created using Linux. Is it worth buying a battery and using it to practice on?

If it’s the phone I’m thinking of, it’s the HTC Dream, and I do believe they have an unlockable boot-loader. You may have to do some quick web browsing to verify this.

The phone does run the Linux based Android OS, and would be worth it to buy a battery (to me at least) to see what you could do with it.

The two places I would start:
1.) Verify that the bootloader is unlockable
2.) Check the Lineage OS, Graphene OS,, Ubuntu Touch, and Calyx OS web pages to see if any of those OS’s support the phone you have. There are other mobile Linux operating systems as well, so don’t give up if you don’t see any support for your device.

Good luck

Thank you! It’s now on my to–do list :blush: