Tired of Tech and Advice on Distro (looking to switch to Manjaro KDE ? )

Hello All, I have a refurbished Dell Optiplex 790, 16gb ram, i5-2500 3.3gh Quad Core CPU, GT1030 2gb GPU, 120gb SSD with Windows 10 installation, 1 TB SSD for Linux installation (Duel Boot solution) for now. So I downloaded and installed POP-OS and it works just fine. I don’t do much gaming however several other family members do. We have 1 other desktop and 2 laptops all of which are only a couple of years old (2019 and newer) I am the most tech savvy in household so thought I would research and test installations. I do not like POP-OS and I hate trying to work with Wine at the command prompt, nothing seems to be user friendly. And am thinking I would like to try Manjaro KDE. Does anyone have experience with this distro? Most of the games played are on Steam. The newer games seem to run fine on Proton however we have some older windows games ( the ones I like ) that I would still like to play. I want good gaming performance for other family members, has to be user friendly and nice looking with good flexibility. I have a head injury that left me with double vision and I do not have the time and patience to sit and look at lines and lines of script. The apps seem crude clunky and unfriendly. I don’t want to have to learn “programming techy stuff”, just want it to work. My hammer never cares what kind of nails it is hitting… I purchased one of the very first Dos PC’s that came out, and have worked on networks, Unix, All versions of Windows and even had a job as Tech Support at a Software company. I have done my time learning the tech. I didn’t even want to get a smart phone because I am tired of tech. I only did because I saw an old lady who was having a hard time buying groceries because she didn’t know how to use a card machine at the cash register, and thought if I don’t keep up I will be the old lady that can’t pay for her groceries. Don’t care HOW it works anymore just Needs To Work! I miss the days of computer manuals that actually gave you the information needed and explained how the programs were designed to work. Enough ranting… I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. LOVED my Unix system by the way, had manuals for it too! :wink: update: I needed to unify a Logitech trackball earlier today, Logitech’s instructions say unify the devices on a windows machine and then transfer usb device back to the linux machine…I thought the idea was to get away from Windows it just seems we spend all our time finding workarounds… maybe someone could program linux to just automatically run windows programs seemlessly?