Thunderbird Mail major issue

I’ve been running my mail in Thunderbird on a laptop with Mint since November. Its been flawless for months…until it wasn’t. I don’t use it on the laptop as much as the Pixel but recently opened it and all my personal folders are gone. In the account folder is Inbox and Trash. In the local folder is Trash, Outbox and Drafts. The account has another 23 folders that I can access on other devices. Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions?

Hey, @GrillerMiller!
My suspicion is that the database file became corrupt for some reason (it might happen if it doesn’t regularly “compact” its folders or if there was a sudden shutdown while Thunderbird was accessing the file). In that case, I would recommend you delete the Thunderbird account and then re-create it. That way, Thunderbird will re-sync and re-download all your emails.

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