Thank you for everything

Hello everyone. I am not one to really post a lot on this site, but I have been following JP Technology chat since pretty close to the beginning. I was amazed at how fast it has grown. At first, I only looked every few days, and was overwhelmed because there would be 500 or so posts. I never had the time to read them all, so I know that in the beginning I missed a lot.

I had an old Dell laptop that I dropped a few years ago, and it bent the top lid right at the hinge. I did not notice the slight bend in the beginning, and over time, it has broke the top of the plastic on the main case of the computer. Every time I open it, it breaks a bit more. I have used it as my test computer for many different distros. When I replaced it, I got a great deal on a Samsung 940X5N. It will not run some of the Distros. I have tried Mint and it would not boot. I tried Manjaro and I had nothing but trouble with everything I did. I have settled on Kubuntu 20.1, and it seems to be working well. I recently tried Zoron as a dual boot with Kubuntu, and it messed things up and it would only boot to Grub. I had to reinstall Kubuntu and wipe everything. When I did this, I used the Konsole to load all programs rather than using the Discover Software Center. Now my computer is running very smooth. I have changed my wife’s computer, my phone is now on Graphene and I have switched a couple other people’s computers for them.

One of the best things is FOSS. I have dumped office 365 and my subscriptions to Adobe. I have been paying for Adobe products way back when they were Aldus. I cannot imagine how much money I have spent on all this.

I must say that I appreciate all the assistance that I have received from all the admins here as well as on the forums chat.

All this to say thanks to Jeff for putting all this together.

I think it is amazing that the number of people that are on here, and never really hear anyone saying anything disrespectful. Maybe it is the Bot?


Hey @scubarth!
Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations on your success! Yes, it can be a bit troublesome at times to get the setup to work as intended. I remember having a similar issue (that you had between Kubuntu and Zorin) with my Zorin and Gentoo. The latter did not particularly enjoy the boot menu of the former. Things can work, but it takes a bit of time - and at that moment, my time was rather limited (my eternal, personal issue)!

Per Manjaro, it’s more on the bleeding edge with the newest versions of tech and software, though not as bleeding as Arch is (I used it for quite a while). I tried to utilize the latter as my main workstation a few years ago, but I’d always hit a wall with some professional apps that needed older versions of libraries than the ones the OS updated into.

Ever since, I decided to have my “main driver” Linux OS, which happens to be Zorin for the moment, and - at times - I run some tests on other systems with the more “edgy” distros, such as Arch and Fedora. :slight_smile:

I would really like to try Zorin, but don’t want to remove Kubuntu at this time. This computer I have seems to be real finicky with some of these Distro’s and I am not certain why? I was wondering if it has something to do with Grub? Every time I try to dual boot two Distro’s, I cannot boot to either. it will only go to grub. It is a bit confusing to me.
Zorin seems to have a number of programs that come standard that I want to use. I know I can add them to Kububtu as well, but being a curious person, I “need” to try them all :slight_smile:

I appreciate all your help.

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You can boot from Zorin’s Live USB and run the Boot Repair app from it. Hopefully it will resolve any issue involved.

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Boot Repair app, I didn’t find that?

If you go to the menu on the Zorin live USB and type in Boot Repair, it will pop up.

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Thank you, I found it. Now I know where it is.
The only problem that I have is that my computer is an older HP laptop about 2008 and it only has Legacy in the bios no EFI to change too. No problem.

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The app will recognize the type of bootloader you have and will apply the necessary fixes for it. :slight_smile:

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