Terminal - Checked Weather - Got CHINA ! instead of Texas

I was following this YouTube video 12 MORE Commands That Will Change The Way You Use Linux Forever - YouTube and at the 14:45 time stamp it shows how to check the weather using the terminal. Cool, I’ll do the same in my terminal. When I did it gave me the weather for Shanghai, China. I am in Texas. I have a Surfshark VPN running that shows I’m in Houston. To say I’m alarmed is an understatement. I then paused my VPN and ran the command ‘curl wttr.in’ and I got a different weather report however on the line that had the previous location of China it said ‘not found’. I had heard that China was purchasing VPN companies, could this be the reason? Is my VPS compromised?

I set my VPN to various other places besides Houston just to see and each weather report was coming from the appropriate location, not China.

Weird, I usually include the city in the command to check weather but VPN is in Seattle, and also shows Seattle weather, not sure why you’d get some oddball location.

curl wttr.in/Houston give this command a try to see, even though that’s not a fix per se, but another way to use the command.

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Graphene Goat thanks for your knowledge especially the de-Googled phones as I have been following your posts. Back to the weather, I really didn’t care about seeing the results of the weather report but I as concerned about sending me to data in China. I tried out different VPN locations again tonight and some were true to the location I had chosen but others were very weird. The Boston VPN choice gave me a report for Sydney Australia. Who knows. Oh well.

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