Telegram Notifications Not Working

I have Telegram loaded on Kubuntu and it works okay. However, I do not get notifications of new posts in a timely manner. I have not found a solution in any of the settings tabs. Please help.

Did you get it from their website? I’ve noticed that that one doesn’t work very well. There is a more up to date one available in the snap repository.

Open the terminal and enter the following:

Uninstall your current telegram app:

sudo apt remove --purge telegram-desktop

(You can also delete the file you downloaded from their website)

Then do this:

sudo apt update

Let that finish, and then enter:

sudo apt install snapd

Once that is done, do:

sudo snap install telegram-desktop
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Could it be that the channels are muted?


That did the trick! Thank you so much for helping.



No, I had all of my channels unmuted. Uninstalling and then reinstalling with snapd did the trick. Thanks for helping me with this issue.


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To be fair, I was made aware of that fix by @vasileios :wink:

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That’s why we’re here, my friend! Share knowledge. :wink:
And since you covered the SNAP Install aspect, I thought of throwing out another possibility. :blush:

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