Telegram keeps going away

Hi Vasileios,

I downloaded Telegram and it was great. But, it keeps going away. It was pinned as a favorite but when I went to read the post I can’t find it. It is in the system but I can’t access it. Why is it not there whenever I choose to access it? I hope you understand what I am saying.
Thank you.

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Hello, @ladyih05!
Yup, I have a very good idea what it is you’re saying. :slight_smile:
Each desktop environment has its little quirks as to how it pins apps. Speaking of which, what’s your Desktop Environment?

Edit: What I mean by Desktop Environment is - is it Gnome (Ubuntu), Cinnamon (Mint), Budgie, MATE, XFCE…

Ubuntu. I downloaded Mate also.

Mate is a bit different, so let’s stay with Ubuntu at the moment. When you start Telegram, try to move its Icon in a different dock position. Then quit Telegram altogether (via the top right icon on the menu bar) and see if the icon on your dock stays. :slight_smile:

Does it matter if I do it from the Firefox Browser. You probably know by know I am not computer savvy.

Are you running Telegram via browser or are you using the application?

I’ve tried both. Neither is working.

My next question. Did you install Telegram via the software center (or apt) or via the snap?

Normally, once you load up the application (and it appears on your dock) and move it, it should then stay there permanently.

I used Apt snap. On the Foxfire page the App is there. I tried to move it but it would stay.

Apt and Snap are two different methods and install different versions of the Telegram application. Also, Firefox utilizes a “bookmark” type connection to Telegram, therefore it’s not an actual app. That’s why you can’t pin it.

You might want to remove the Apt version and stay with the Snap.

sudo apt purge telegram-desktop
sudo snap install telegram-desktop


GM Vasileios,

I appreciate your patience. I have snap Telegram desktop installed. I got the message see ‘snap help refresh’. Where is that? I looked on snap but apparently missed it or didn’t understand what I am looking for.
Thank you

Hey @ladyih05!
I almost read your GM (Good Morning) as a Game-Master (used in Role Playing Games)! :laughing:

Snap help refresh is basically dedicated information about refreshing snaps. Many commands in Linux can either offer a text help on all their parameters or a specified one. This can be done via terminal via one of the following ways:

  • Command - h, or
  • Command --help

Where you replace the word “Command” with the actual command.

There is also the extensive explanation (manual) when you use the word man (for manual) before the command you want explained. For example, to receive more info on apt, you type:

man apt

The refresh of the snap apps is similar to the apt upgrade one, with the difference that the apt first needs to update its local databases with the apt update so that it compares it with the remote repositories. The snap automatically checks for the snap app installations to their online available versions and updates its database at the same time via the following command:

sudo snap refresh

However, you rarely have to do that, as snap runs a service (daemon called snapd), which does an automatic check every time you login and updates accordingly.

I have a little recommendation. If you are running the normal/base Ubuntu, you can switch your desktop to Budgie. It comes with a different dock type which can be more straightforward for you to keep your programs on. It’s a single command line. It will not delete your current setup, but will act as a secondary user interface for you. Your applications will still be around, but you will need to place your favorites on your new dock.

Please let me know if you’d like to go through that and see if it helps. :wink:

So I got on my Pop OS distro yesterday and every time I would open Telegram it would try to connect, and then close the window. I’m going to try some of the things mentioned here. I downloaded through the Pop Shop app store that came with Pop OS.

You won’t believe this… I went to the Ubuntu Desktop Guide, which I had to find, and started reading. That’s amazing isn’t it :grinning: I added apps and searching. I hit the Super key, which I had to figure out, typed Telegram and to apps came up. I clicked one and it loaded. I added it to favorites and hope it stays. Amazing isn’t it when you know where to look and read a little. I won’t say I will not pick your brain again but I do thank you for all the help.
God bless you.

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I’m glad you did! Bravo! Yes, the “Super” / Windows / Command key brings up all the apps. We have it as a post here in the forum (several, actually), but I guess it got lost in the message crowd! There’s also the dock button with the 9 dots. It also brings up all the apps and the search bar. :slight_smile:

The actual stores (or repositories) maintain the vetted and stable versions of apps. When it comes to Telegram, it tends to function properly on its latest version.
I would recommend you uninstall the store version and install the Snap one. You can do the latter - in terminal - by typing:

sudo snap install telegram-desktop

If it says you don’t have snapd, follow the instructions to install it (I don’t have POP!_OS currently running). The command for it is:

sudo apt install snapd

You’ll need to log out and back in for it to work. That’s for the case that it is not installed in the first place. :slight_smile:

Giving it a try now. Will let you know how it goes! Thank you!

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It worked! Thank you. A great bonus lesson.

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Awesome! Great work!
And as always, it’s my pleasure. :slight_smile: