Telegram Issue -

@Jaybird did you initiate a secret DM with me on Telegram? Just asking because I can’t see it on my desktop or laptop - where I’m basically working from. :slight_smile:

Vasileios, thank you for helping out!
Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. Maybe I didn’t properly sync the app on the phone with the PC? I haven’t had alot of time to mess with it lately.

I’ve tried uninstalling, deleting the cache, logging in and out, leaving and rejoining the channel, etc…

The one thing I can’t get to change are the device connections. There are multiple instances of telegram that are shown connected from random locations(vpn). Each one says I must wait a few hours before disconnecting, when I select to delete all. Oh well I will get to it when I get some free time. Again thank you so much for your help

I figured it out. I got banned.
Not for doing anything wrong. But my account doesn’t have a user name (yet) and a stupid picuture. I’m guessing it’s because the logs come from multiple locations at or around the same time. Some one figured it was a bot or something nefarious. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Vasileios,

I appreciate your help but the above didn’t work. I 'm still unable to download Telegram. I’ve tried for 2 days. I think, while I’m still sane, I just use it on my other computer.

Thank you

Ugh… this has been happening lately it would seem. The channel is a fire-hose of information and moves way too fast, especially during the day. One of the reasons I’m not there is because I cannot provide the level of detailed assistance I can do here. I’m sorry to hear that.

Hey @ladyih05!
This sounds quite strange.
Please look if the install link from the following page works:

If it doesn’t, then - for some reason - SNAP is not active on your system. This can be fixed via terminal:

sudo apt install snapd

You can then reboot your computer and try again. :slight_smile:

Yes! I had to delete it due to an odd messege that I recieved. So I just resent a regular DM in telegram. Hope it helps and thaanks for the support!

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Sorry for the late reply been super busy, even late on my LMS stuff.
Don’t sweat it, I tried quite a bit and will attempt other avenues to get it corrected. Thanks again for the help

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GM Vasileios,

I finally got Telegram to download but it will not send me a code to my cell. Help.

Thank you

Good morning @ladyih05!
I usually utilize the QR code. You can activate Telegram’s code scanner under Options > Devices > QR Code.
Also, the code will not arrive via SMS. It will be sent to your Telegram directly as a private message. :slight_smile:

I love you man. :sweat_smile:

Thank you

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It’s always my pleasure! Helping people makes my day, truly. :slight_smile:

So I think I have some of the same issue as some of you above. I had been on Telegram but not that long and only lurk for the most part. One day I went back in and I have the error:

Sorry, you can’t access this chat because you were banned by an admin

I found help on using Telegram’s Spam Info Bot but it doesn’t say I’m limited or banned so not sure how to get my account turned back so I can view comments. It has some good info so would like to be able to see these comments.

Who do I contact or how do I take care of this? I have waited about a week or so and I still cannot view comments.


Hello @Trueblade and welcome to the forums!
A week is quite the time, which means I cannot check the logs for you to see what exactly happened (they’re only there for 24 hours).
Did you happen to fall in on one of the potholes described in the post below?

How do I get off the ComBot naughty list if I’ve never posted before?
No, I did not do any of those violations you mentioned (to my best knowledge).
I had only joined groups and looked at posts, never responded/liked/etc.

Then my guess is you joined during a bot surge and you got caught in the cross-fire.
Please DM me your Telegram Username to see how we can resolve this. :slight_smile:

Both of the JP channels are gone from my list of channels on Telegram. Did JP take them down? Did I somehow get removed?

I don’t see any log of anything being done to remove you. You can rejoin with this link: Telegram: Contact @jptchat

When I attempt to join the chat, this is what I get

Please check your DMs on Telegram.