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on telegram when ever i click on the comments i see nothing but a blank space, I click on the top it shows as JP’s technology chat with one user. i left your channel and rejoined i also updated telegram directly from their site and it does the same thing, how did your jeffrey peterson channel get locked into JP’s technology chat when i click to see comments it is mind blowing… -
seeing as updating and also leaving and rejoining your channel did not work i am guessing there must be some temp files in the local roaming telegram folder that must be deleted. when you 1st joined you must have created JP’s technology chat but then switched over to the jeffrey peterson channel and i with you but i am stuck in JP’s technology chat comments when i try to see comments on jeffrey channel…

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Telegram has some issues when a user leaves a channel and then tries to return. There usually must be an invitation. Please message me inside of Telegram at @vasileikon to see if I can help. :slight_smile:


Thanks but I will figure it out myself i will decompile telegram if i have to…
[2021.11.27 16:22:58] Command line: C:\Users\vinny\AppData\Roaming\Telegram Desktop\Telegram.exe -workdir C:/Users/vinny/AppData/Roaming/Telegram Desktop/ – tg://resolve/?domain=jeffrey_peterson
[2021.11.27 16:22:58] Executable path before check: C:/Users/vinny/AppData/Roaming/Telegram Desktop/Telegram.exe

amazing somewhat encrypted and alot of chinese language in the files it may take me a day lol - I may have to watch my ports see if it is connecting to china this would be very bad for all the patriots on telegram –
in the above resolve it seems to be missing the

  • at the end of the name fixing that in my files will most likely fix the issue but why is all the coding of telegram mostly chinese
    I’ll do an sxstrace on the proggy in the morn and other things to tired now lol

Noone needs to comment i just want to leave a record here have not done the sxs trace yet but wanted to share an odd experience i had on telegram i private messaged ron watson on tele and could not get out of it, i clicked on another channel and posts were all there i went back to rons channel and only my private message was there i could not get back to his posts so i deleted my private messages and clicked out clicked back in his posts were back BUT NOW the weird part was a few minutes later a new user showed up in my list called trumptrain2014 my private messages to ron were there and underneath trumptrain2014 asked me if i was cryto relevent lol i blocked him but wonder why my private messages to ron were there i am starting to think the private messaging on tele is like the old icq,aim,yahoo messengers that you can direct connect to there ip’s with a netstat ping and crash lol just wanted to share will come back when i learn more thanks

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I’m having a similar Telegram issue. I’ve been a member of channel for awhile now & can see all posts. But I cannot view comments now. When trying to view, I receive message “This channel is private. Please join it to continue viewing this content”. I used to be able to view comments with no problems. I have left & rejoined the channel, cleared Telegram cache, uninstalled & reinstalled but nothing works.

There’s no way to message an admin about this either. Telegram support has been unresponsive. Hoping someone here can help resolve!

When you’re around, please try to look me up via the username I posted above. I can’t guarantee I’ll be online, as I’m more on the other platforms than Telegram for the past month and a half.