Telegram account banned by admin?

I have no clue why I’m banned and would appreciate being unbanned on the telegram channel. I have used this channel to reformat my PCs to Linux and been working in tech my whole life. Who can I contact?

@Techgirly try - they are usually pretty quick. Cheers!!

I’m not an admin on JP TG Chat but know a few, your TG username would be helpful.
You can find a couple of the same admins on Bones Tech Garage Chat as well.

I had the same problem. Kept getting banned over and over, even though I never made comments or interacted. I finally just had to remove myself from Jeff’s Telegram account. I really wanted to take the Beginning Linux course, but since I kept getting banned, I would not have been able to ask questions.

Hi Techgirly, is the place to go. We get people reinstated very quickly!

I know from the outside it doesn’t make sense but the channel gets hit with a lot of spammers and abusers of the channel. Sometimes they hit in groups of 10 or more. I know it is annoying to get banned for no reason but at the same time, the chat would not be an enjoyable place if weren’t heavy-handed with banning these accounts.

In terms of spammers, we have just seen it all and it puts our users in danger because some people do fall for what is being pushed. We have followers of our channel who are completely new to technology and are prime targets for some of these scams that spammers try to push.

Unfortunately, innocent accounts do sometimes get caught up in this. We do apologize for this.