Synchronising Evolution/Thunderbird with Outlook - missing folders

I have certain folders in Outlook server that do no synchronise locally. Looked at subscribed folders, reloaded the account, checked in Windows Outlook at the server level and cannot find any differences at that end to explain this. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

@Peter are you still having this issue? I noticed that no one had responded and I wanted to make sure that you had gotten it solved. If not, @vasileios should be able to at least point you in the right direction if not outright answer and solve. He is good like that.

Hi @BigDaveAZ

Thx for responding. Look it was an issue, but probably not a significant one now, so no need to trouble @Vasileios. Except for one dual install computer to use Windows for one job I have, I’m completely over to Linux. Its been a great hobby and journey.

Now I am trying to figure out Qubes. Its different, thats for sure.

Appreciate your message.



Wow! The old posts keep on slipping by. We’re actually filing a bug report on this, as there’s too much I’m not getting notified of. Thank you @BigDaveAZ for tagging me on this.

My apologies for this delay, @Peter.