Suggestions for VPS

I am looking for a cheap VPS service to host a VPN. I want to stay away from big tech. Amazon & Godaddy keep coming up in my search. Anyone have any suggestions??

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Have you tried ?

Edit: removed second link due to Redfox911 reporting that it requests Government ID and Last 4 digits of a credit card number.

No I haven’t. I’ll check them out. Really we are trusting them with our digital security so Its nice to hear trustworthy places. Thank You!


I have not personally used any of those services. I apologize if I directed you to a bad service. Was not at all my intent. I have removed the link in order to keep others from being faced with the same. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I just tested that site and no where did it ask me for my government ID.

Then again, I didn’t select to purchase anything either. It seems reasonable if you’re trying to use a credit card, they might want to verify you’re the owner of said credit card though.

if the fields were empty on the list then wouldn’t it stand to reason that @SBHX had not used/reviewed it? I think y’all are quick to cry foul, these people are only trying to help. they give suggestions and then it is on you to take it and run or do your own due dilligence to make sure that it will work in your particular situation. it is on you to verify if there is no other info than the name of the suggestion. Let’s all give each other the benefit of the doubt - we are all working for the same thing - digital freedom. Let’s be civil and not call Clown at the drop of a hat.

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OVH is a legitimate hosting company. They have been around a long time. They are well known in the internet industry. They operate some of the largest data centers around. They are also known as fierce advocates for freedom of speech. At one point, OVH hosted Wikileaks. Wikileaks moved, on their own decision, to another company in Europe that literally had its servers in an underground bunker, from what we understand.

At any rate, rest assured the community is not related to OVH. We are not in business with them. If we use their servers at some point in the future it would only be as customers, as you appear to have tried to do. We would have to provide the same documents they asked you for. No one is here is a “clown,” whatever you meant by that. We are not “clowns.” We are a nice team of admins doing our best to help people discover Free and Open Source Software and Linux. That is what we do here.

And, you’re not the first one to be offended by OVH’s ‘new customer’ policy. Here’s an example of one link from the web site ‘web hosting talk’ , where people discussed OVH’s new customer verification policies, with the title ’ Warning: OVH Verification can be a bit ridiculous (US Customer)’: Warning: OVH Verification can be a bit ridiculous (US Customer) | Web Hosting Talk

So there you have it. Hope this explanation helps clear things up for you, it may be advisable to do a bit more research before making accusations that upon further consideration, you, yourself will even realize were unfounded. And of course on our part, no offense intended.

Have a nice day.

I went to the wrong site, so disregard my message.

During class for beginners the site was mentioned several times. Apparently you can find rock bottom deals there from far flung places. JP mentioned he had seen $2/month deals there, although they were “specials.” I guess you have to haunt the place and search out the great deals.

My apologies to SBHX. He was correct on his post for OVH and my reaction was not proper. Thank you for your suggestions and participation here SBHX!


I’m liking Vultr a lot, they have a super complete API where you can do almost anything from the control panel (which is very good and fast too)
and deploy a new server in seconds in different countries / cities.

this link can benefit me with a small referer credit, but my recommendation is serious, I think they are the best out there in 2021.

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I ended up going with Digitalocean for about a week. These 2 video assisted well.

They are having a pretty good sale below.🎃-happy-halloween-from-dedipath-vps-from-1-75-mo-plus-dedi-offers-🎃/

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I am looking at RackNerd They seem pretty good, priced at under $2 month. Seems like good speeds, Servers throughout the US and also Singapore and the Netherlands.