Subscription Expired?

I’m at Workshop 55 produced on Oct. 22, 2022. Haven’t seen any new courses since then. I reached out to but didn’t get a response. I don’t think my subscription has expired so I’m lost as to how to proceed.

I just jumped on and saw that there were strange things afoot … then I remembered that Jeff had posted on his Telegraph channel …"Hi friends! … Some announcements, this week will be changing to a blog article content publishing format, and our group of Freedom-minded programmers will be launching our long-anticipated Cyberportal internet brand.

This channel will remain the same for the most part with an emphasis on increasing awareness about Free and Open Source technology but it will now also start publishing original content articles." So … this could be part of what is going on with the change over??? I’m taking a “wait and see” stance till Saturday’s Workshop …

Thanks for the feedback. I did see that notice from Jeff but didn’t associate it with changes in the LMS system. I also reached out to Vasilleios a couple of times and didn’t get a response as well. Like you said, must be changes in the wind.

I saw a post from Vasilleios where has taken himself off this forum, so he’s likely NOT getting any notices.

well … I will miss him he helped me alot … :slightly_frowning_face:

I will miss him as well. He kept me going when I thought I couldn’t successfully make the switch. I noticed he was not on the Saturday LMS session today, so I guess he’s gotten busy elsewhere. I still haven’t gotten a reply from about why I’m no longer getting the updates in the LMS system.