Stuck on the side of the Linode Highway

Embarrassingly enough, I can’t seem to figure out how to get my Linode account working. I generated my keys and changed my root password a couple times but it never works with SSH. I just heard there was a program called Linux in late September so, I’m new to all this. If someone out there more experienced than I could help I would be in your debt.

Hey Suzanne! I just set up a Linode. Actually several since I kept messing it up. :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert by any means, but I didn’t have a problem with getting the server connected. One thing I did learn was to wait until the server was running before trying to do SSH on the terminal. It’s not immediate, and you can see the status of the server on Linode on the top left of the screen. There will be a green light and it will say “Running.”

Also, you may not want to post your Linode screen without blurring out the IP address.

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Thank you. I have so much to learn!

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Hello Suzanne!
The process is rather simple, in terms of execution. :slight_smile:
First, open up your Linode account on your web browser, go to your account icon on the top left and select SSH keys. Click to add one and select a name for it. Now, for the key itself:

Open up a terminal on your local system and type in:

sudo apt install ssh

In case it’s not installed.

Then - on the terminal again - type:


Press Enter for the default location and then use a passphrase if you like (like a password).
Once the is done, navigate to the key location, which is:

cd ~/.ssh
ls -l

This will show you the names of your private and your public (.pub) keys.

If you’re on an Ubuntu environment, type in:


If you’re on Mint, type in:


Remember to replace the “” with the actual .pub file you saw via the “ls” command.

Once you’ve opened your public key, select all text and copy it.

Then, go to your Linode browser page, where you left off, and paste the text you copied inside the big box and save it. Congratulations, now you have your key installed!

Finally, you can go to your local system’s terminal and type in:

ssh root@x.x.x.x

Where x.x.x.x is your VPS IP address as shown in your Linode… Linodes page. If you set up a passphrase earlier, it will ask you for it and then you’re in!

Vasileios, once again I am in your debt. I was completely underwater on this one. For some reason after three days of trying I just could not figure this one out. Your instructions worked like magic and thanks to you I can work on web page design after installing wordpress with my new domain I just signed up for a wordpress class so hopefully I won’t pester you any more for a while. Bless you for your patience. Best Suzanne

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Hey @Suzanne!
You need not worry and you can ask me whatever you need at any time!
I was a bit away lately, due to the LMS videos and setting up my home SAMBA file server - so that I can centralize all my file storages. I work from multiple systems, so I needed to have access to all the files around. Now, the only thing that I need to do is the transfers, so my time is now returning. :slight_smile: