Status: No Suitable destination host found by cups-browsed

Hi everyone, I just installed Mint 21.1 along side Ubuntu on my Dell XPS 13 9310. So far Mint is very intuitive and I am really enjoying it. I have only come across one issue and that is with my printer/scanner:

Brother MFC-L2710DW:

When plugged into the USB it works perfectly, I am able to scan and print without any issues. However, when I am not plugged into my docking station and try to use the printer via wifi, I am having issues. My printer is showing up, but then I try to print something I get this error:
“Status: No suitable destination host found by cups-browsed”
When I attempt to scan while on wifi my scanner is not recognized at all.

I have a couple of screenshots to include, but don’t see how I can attach them. I will upload this and hopefully will be able to add the attachments after?

Thanks in advance,

More then likely you would need to install it separately as a network printer.

Hi there, I tried that and was not successful. Clearly I am doing something wrong. Do you know of simple instructions to follow? I find instructions then keep looking and find others that contradict and rather then try something and potentially mess something up, I decided to reach out here.

I just need a full time IT person :frowning:

One thing I have found that works best for Wi-Fi printing is to use the printers menu to obtain it’s network configuration print out. use the MAC address of the printer and assign it a static IP address in the router. Then add the new printer and attempt a test page after that.

From the main Printers window, click add, follow the steps making sure you select Network Printer, the brand and model and it’s appropriate IP address.

Then when you go to print you can select which printer from print properties depending on the situation, if docked it would use the first one installed as a default, when undocked you would have to select the networked printer.

I managed to get it resolved. All I did was set the printers IP address to “static” via the physical printer menu and that is allowing me to print and scan when not tethered to my docking station.

Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated!!


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