SSL certification with WordOps fail

Successfully created site http://***********.com
Certificate type : domain
Validation mode : Webroot challenge
Issuing SSL cert with [KO]
Your domain is properly configured but was unable to issue certificate.
You can find more informations in /var/log/wo/wordops.log

Not sure how to find log and just moved domain from GoDaddy today so should I just wait 24 hours and run wo site create --wpfc --php74 -le again?

Hey @drrwrieden!
Usually the transfer takes a few hours, but yes, the best practice would be to retry the command as you posted after you make sure that the domain has been fully transferred. Also, make sure that the name servers of your domain registrar point directly to your VPS.

Thanks! All that comes up is already exists. No SSL test run

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Hey @drrwrieden,
In that scenario, you’ll need to remove WordOps and everything it installed before reinstalling.

wo stack purge --all

And then:

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo --purge

After that is done, then you can re-initiate all the commands to fully install WordOps. This is a good way to run a re-installation without having to do a VPS rebuild.

If you went through the commands on the LMS, know that there is another lesson down the line that allows you to create a full server, including WordPress. :slight_smile:

Doing full server and after reboot, you end up at root@localhost. The video and notes do not explain how you got there and I am stuck. Below is what I tried to get back to root@localhost.

Please make sure you have opened following port for both in/out:
TCP: 8090 for CyberPanel
TCP: 80, TCP: 443 and UDP: 443 for webserver
TCP: 21 and TCP: 40110-40210 for FTP
TCP: 25, TCP: 587, TCP: 465, TCP: 110, TCP: 143 and TCP: 993 for mail service
TCP: 53 and UDP: 53 for DNS service
Would you like to restart your server now? [y/N]: y
You have new mail in /var/mail/root
root@localhost:/home/robert# Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

drrobert@LinuxMint:~$ systemctl status firewalld
Unit firewalld.service could not be found.
drrobert@LinuxMint:~$ ssh root@
root@ Permission denied (publickey).
drrobert@LinuxMint:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for drrobert:
Sorry, try again.
[sudo] password for drrobert:
Sorry, try again.
[sudo] password for drrobert:

cyberPanel is up waiting on webpage to be available

Hey @drrwrieden,
After you reboot your VPS, you’ll need to go back to it via SSH - as that’s where firewalld is installed. Also, prior to that, the settings for the VPS SSH are changed to not allow root login. Therefore you’ll have to connect via the user you created on your VPS during the early stages. The command to become root on the VPS is:

sudo su

Will there be more on running a web hosting business. I have 3 domains running now, building one for my wife’s blog, one for practice and another I hope to build for selling pc’s or phones I make. Did the full server build!

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Hey @drrwrieden,
Yes. There will be an LMS course on essential Wordpress material as a head start to prepare you to build a website with security and encryption. It will be a guide on a few plugins and settings that will get you started.