SSH key maintenance

Do I need to unlink or revoke (don’t know what the actual term is…) the remote server before I reinstall and when I replace the key pair owner machine?

Where dose the remote server keep the public key of the owner machine?

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Hey there, @Ai!
Normally, all VPS providers attach the public keys to your account - so that they are automatically placed into the respective authorization folders of each new server you build (and allow the SSH key to be copied to). So, you don’t need to revoke anything. :slight_smile:

@vasileios, sorry, I was not clear enough…

I followed Well’s instructions and got the secured key ssh login working from my Mint laptop to the VPS.

Now I am thinking about replacing Linux Mint with something else but wasn’t sure if I need to revoke the set up from Mint to the VPS before I actually replace Mint.

Or maybe just copy the key pair files over once I installed the new OS…

Perhaps, some best practice advice in this situation is a better question…

Ah, no worries then! The best practice would be to copy the .ssh folder from your home directory to a USB and then restore to your new OS. However, I’d recommend you also have the same username and computer name (hostname) in your new system, just in case. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @vasileios, that was most helpful! :pray:

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I am truly glad, @Ai! :slight_smile: