Simple or stick with Mac

Look…here is the reality… if there isn’t an easy way to switch my MacBook Air over to Linux then what’s the point… Im not a computer programmer, there has to be an easy way to switch to Linux.


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Well… me neither, but I got a PHD in toilet repair…I take care of 4 rentals… the first thing would be to describe your Mac in more detail… as to age, model number, and what’s under the hood… then one of these smart young “puter guru’s” will be better able to point you in the right direction. Researching the journey is the best way to start the trip. Best of wishes for your goal…

It is not that hard and not that technical. I agree, describe your machine a little so a better choice can be recommended and then help can go from there.
If you are unfamiliar with downloading files or programs from the internet or unfamiliar with using a USB drive then this may be an issue but help is available.

ok, thanks, its a MacBook Air. 1.6G dual core i5, 4gb 1600 MHz DDR3, ca 2015

I have a Macbook Air (2012) and Macbook Pro (2011-12). I converted both with no issue. I tried various distributions but found Zorin worked best for me. One of its screen choices seemed pretty Mac like and is what I chose. I followed directions for creating a USB to boot Zorin from and then followed the steps outlined. If you have abilities to use a USB, copy files, etc…you should be just fine. I would recommend looking at Zorin’s site for any videos or tips AND youtube. If you find a decent video, watch it multiple times to get familiar with the steps… Installing Zorin is very similar to installing any other linux version. I did a quick search and found How to dual boot Linux and macOS on a Mac - YouTube which I have not watched so i don’t know if it is good but it will give you an idea of what is out there. Instructions for install should be available on their site and any needed help/questions can be addressed on their user forum or Telegram Channel.

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BTW - where in Florida are you? i am in Jupiter.