Should I be concerned about VPS IPv6 report of abuse?

I have been a student of Jeff.Pro for about 1 month and I have come farther than I ever though I could in a short about of time thanks to your class and the forum. I purchased a new laptop computer from System 76 with Pop! OS. I really love working on it. I have never used command line but I followed the instructions and have created a VPS with Linode. During the creation I was given an IPv6 address so I decided to copy it and paste in a browser not having any idea what should happen. I received a web page from stating this address had 18 reports of abuse since January of this year for hacking, web spam, web app attack and bad web bot. Is this normal when creating a VPS? Should I be concerned to have something that I am creating be associated with this report? At the bottom of the page it asks:

Is this your IP? You may request to takedown any associated reports. We will attempt to verify your ownership. REQUEST TAKEDOWN :triangular_flag_on_post:

If this was going to be my permanent VPS would I request a takedown of the report and would that be honored?

Well that sounds kinda Phishy to me … and will be waiting to hear informed input from those who have better understanding … I would not bite … at all.
will be following closely to see … :thinking:

I would send a support email to Linode asking them the same question you asked here. Or you could place a phone call and talk with support at Linode.

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Along the lines of this topic about IPv6 on VPNs, after setting up Wireguard on a VPS, I checked a few What is my IP? websites. The IPv4 address is the IP address of the VPS I purchased through Racknerd, which is the right IP address. It seems to hide my real IP address and location, which is part of the purpose of the VPN. However, these websites also pick up my IPv6 address and that shows me in my hometown. Does that mean the VPN is not working correctly? What should these IP checking websites show for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses if we have a VPN set up correctly on a remote VPS?

I submitted a ticket on the IP address and this was the reply.

‘ Hey Sandra,

I’ve taken a look at your Linode’s IPv6 address and it doesn’t appear to be reported on that website. As such, there is no takedown needed. I am unsure what brought you to see the report you found, however I would disregard it. You can find the report I landed on here: xxx

Plugging your Linode’s IPv6 address into your browsers address bar should navigate you to your Linode. However, in order for your Linode to respond to this request, you will need to create a web server on your Linode which will handle these requests and serve your website data. We have many guides which you can use for assistance with installing a web server application on your Linode, which you can find here:‘

So I wonder why I saw the report I saw originally. Following the link they supplied there was no report of abuse. Hum